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Sylvia's Spaceship is the piece I made while doing a monthlong residency at Elsewhere Museum in Greensboro, NC in 2022. It is a front staircase interactive installation of painting, found toys and objects from the elsewhere collection, a motion sensor sound experience of recordings using noise toys from the collection and other sounds recorded in the building, an added addition to the hopscotch project outside of an all inclusive pride flag and candy land rainbow, and a ufo made from a found papasan chair woven with fabric, ribbons, toys, space blankets and lighting and is suspended in the archway above the stairs.


The ufo is like a metaphor for being at Elsewhere Museum in that visitors are transported to a new world where everything is dreamlike and full of new possibilities. Walking up into it is an experience of friendly abduction where everything interweaves with each other and one can become lost in its wonders.

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