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Sæter Jørgensen Contemporary is pleased to announce “The Five-Legged Sheep”, Skully Gustafson's first exhibition with the gallery, featuring a large number of recently produced drawings.

“Sometimes the subjects are sensual beings, sometimes I imagine a city, sometimes a lunar dream. They all have that force of expression, abstraction and those vivid hues unique to Gustafson. Any narration seems to be more of a suggestion; the visitor can freely let his mind wander in many directions …The evocative nature of this imagery is intriguing, but what is particularly remarkable is the solidity of Gustafson's artistic technique. While a canvas can display a wide range of colors, its sense of arrangement and orchestration through subtle layers and skillful modulations of tones tightens the bonds between subject and performance without diminishing any form of freedom. ”
- Kat Minerath

The exhibit is generously supported by the Greater Milwaukee Foundation's Mary L. Nohl Fund Suitcase Export Fund and Domaine Mas Pignou. 

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